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There is a massive knowledge gap among women who want to become business owners.

In starting my own businesses, I quickly realized how much I didn't know. (And I have a business degree!) The more I asked my entrepreneurial peers about their experiences in founding businesses, the more I realized this extended far beyond me. And thus, Theia Collective was born. Named after the Greek goddess of light, Theia's mission is to light the path for entrepreneurs through community, connection, and education. My personal goal is to equip as many female business owners as possible to be wildly successful.

Theia Collective's Business Foundations Mastermind course and community will give you the foundational knowledge to start or level up any business, regardless of your industry. Covering thirteen foundational areas for every business, the course is taught by professionals across areas of expertise. Simply put, this is the course that you should've been offered in school.

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Theia Collective
Business Foundations Mastermind Course

Are there areas of your business that have been ignored due to overwhelm or because you don't know where to start?


That changes now.


Join us and gain the foundational knowledge to make your business functional, profitable, and completely legitimate.

The Business Foundations Mastermind covers:

Legal: business entity formation, trademarks and patents

Tax and Finance: write-offs, S-Corp considerations, bookkeeping basics

Tech: automations, systems to scale, whether to build vs. buy

Marketing: best practices to build, grow, and nuture your audience

Sales and Negotiation: creating offers that are irresistible and how to position them

Customer Service, Branding, Analytics, and so much more!


Learn Virtually

Over 26 weeks, you will learn from professionals with expertise across fields and industries, providing you with a strong foundation on which to start, streamline and run your business.

This class is designed to fit into your busy life - learn where and when is best for you!

Bi-weekly modules broken out by area of business

Live Q&A and Office Hours with the instructors

A community and network of budding entrepreneurs to encourage and inspire you along the way


Instruction from Experts Across Areas of Business

Whether it's a business lawyer, CPA, brand photographer, web designer, or HR professional (to name a few!), you will be learning from the very best.

Receive professional mentorship valued at over $15,000

Receive preferred rates and pricing to work 1:1 with the course instructors

"Your network is your net worth" - grow your professional network to take a quantum leap

Special Offer for the Founding Cohort

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As a thank you for being part of our founding cohort, you will receive a special launch price  and lifetime access to the community and business foundations course. Plus, receive special offers for everything that comes after.

"My business grew when I grew - in knowledge, confidence and community. The more I invest in myself and my business, the more successful I become."




Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call

Investing in your business is an important decision. I'm here to answer all of your questions before you commit.



Select Your
Payment Plan

When you're just starting out, having control of your cash flow and choice when it comes to payment is crucial.

Choose the payment option that works for your business.



Get Ready to Learn and Become a CEO

As soon as you're enrolled, join us in Slack and on Kajabi.

Ready to become CEO of your life and business?

The first year a woman in the United States could take out a business loan without a male cosigner.

The amount of SBA loans that go to female business owners.

Businesses started by women per day in the United States. 

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