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Call forth your
through aligned habits

higher self

and be her now

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Hi! I’m Alessia, your soul-centered habits coach.

Early struggles as an entrepreneur led me to an immutable and inconvenient truth: that healthy habits applied consistently are THE WAY to becoming the person you desire to be.

I've bring together neuroscience and behavioral science with quantum principles and spirituality to create the Higher Self Habits Method - a framework that equips and empowers you to maximize your potential. If you're ready to part ways with inconsistency and frustration and usher in synergistic success across all the areas of your life - you're in the right place.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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Group Coaching Program:
Higher Self Habits

As James Clear perfectly stated in his book, Atomic Habits, "We do not rise to the level of our goals; we fall to the level of our systems."

In this group coaching container, we bring together what is often disparate:

  • scientifically proven systems for habit creation and maintenance

  • spiritual practices tailored to you that will provide a direct connection to the higher version of you that your soul is begging you to call forth

This container will focus on creating the necessary identity shifts and behavioral changes that will lead to massive results... like you becoming who you were created to be.

Workshop + Masterclass:
Higher Self Habits LIVE

Want to get a taste of what you'll learn in the Higher Self Habits program before you jump in? A 2-day virtual workshop live on Zoom will be perfect for you!

We'll spend two hours together, two days in a row and I'll take you through three stages of the Higher Self Habits Method:

  1. Awareness: understanding why we have limiting beliefs and where our gaps are

  2. Alignment: casting a clear vision of who our Higher Self is and anchoring into the values and practices that will guide us to Her

  3. Activation: putting it all together with hands-on behavior design.

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge, vision, and tools to create habits that last. And if you want more? You can jump right into the group coaching program. 

Let’s work together!


"Alessia has proven, time and again, to be a sound mentor and sincere friend - exactly what I was needing. Her mentorship has inspired a positive influence in every regard; my mental health, cultivating a positive money mindset, developing innovative business strategies, even expanding my reading horizons - Alessia is force. Whether you are stuck in a rut or holding yourself back, Alessia will aide you in identifying the head trash inhibiting your growth and lead you toward achieving your wildest dreams!"


Ready to get acquainted?

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Join me on the path to meeting our higher selves

Whether you're already "doing the work" or haven't started the journey of meeting your higher self yet, subscribe to my email list for bite-size doses of inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. I cover everything from habits tips to tech, spirituality, and more.

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